Fundraise for Animals

We really appreciate the support that is shown to us by people from the local community. One way you can help RSPCA Northamptonshire Branch is by fundraising! There is almost no limit to the type of event or sponsorship challenge you can do and we’re here to help if you need any ideas or input. 

Your fundraising is vital for rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming thousands of animals every year. By raising money for us, you’ll join animal lovers from across the nation, determined to stop animal cruelty and neglect. Together, our voice will be stronger and more powerful than ever.

Raise money through Sponsorship! 

A great way to raise money is by entering an event and asking people for Sponsorship. The sky is the limit on what you might want to do… from running a marathon through to entering a pie eating competition! It’s totally up-to-you.

Simply decided what you’re going to do, set yourself a fundraising target and have a plan to achieve it!

Top tips:

  • Plan your event – start early give yourself a head start to avoid stress and enjoy preparing for your event
  • Ask for sponsorship – setup an online fund raining page or use the downloadable sponsorship form below.
  • Don’t forget Gift Aid – Remind your sponsors to tick the Gift Aid box so you can raise around 25 percent more.
  • Publicise your event – people want to know what you’re doing, but also why you’re doing it and how their donation will help. Publicise your story on social media and what it means to you!

Fundraising at School, College and University

There are loads of ways to raise money at school, college or university.


  • Dress up or down! – Dress down Friday and everyone pays a pound. You could dress up, or give it an animal fancy dress theme with an “animal onesie” or “animal character day.”
  • Sweets in a jar – Fill a jar with sweets – ask for a pound donation to guess the number of sweets and the closest answer wins the treats.
  • Supermarket collection – A great way to raise funds in one morning is a supermarket collection, who can say “no” to having their bag packed!?
  • Seasonal party – Halloween, Easter, Christmas – Hold your own Halloween, Easter or Christmas party. Make it fancy dress, bake ghostly cupcakes, or hold an Easter egg hunt. Raise funds asking for donations per game.


Get your college friends together and hold a fundraiser. Have fun whilst fundraising and make a difference.

  • Throw sponges – If you’re feeling brave why not ask your friends to donate, to throw soapy sponges at the teachers? Just make sure you ask the teachers first!
  • The Apprentice – Each team is challenged with raising as much as they can, starting with just £10. You could sell sweets, make friendship bands or even charge for a service, such as a car wash.
  • Battle of the bands or talent contest – Host a battle of the bands or a talent contest, a fun and different way to help raise money. Charge an entrance fee. You could even ask some of the teachers to be a judge.


Fundraising at university is the perfect way to add new skills to your CV and raise some cash for charity.

  • Fashion show – Dream of working in fashion and want experience organising your own event? Hold your very own fashion show and why not invite local designers and charge a small fee.
  • RAG week – Get involved in your university RAG week, held at the beginning of your academic year. A week of events to help you meet new people and fundraise for your beneficiary charity.
  • Quiz – Organise a quiz night. We have come up with some great quiz questions for you! Charge teams £5 to play.
  • Dryathlon – Could you go all weekend without alcohol!? Perhaps not during Freshers week! But a great challenge whilst at university and worthy of sponsorship.

Fundraising at work

Get your colleagues involved in your fundraising with some tried and tested ideas, from a bake sale to a dress down day, fundraising at work is a piece of cake!

Bake Sale

A bake sale is a classic fundraising event and is something that everyone can get involved in, whether they’re the baker or the eater. We’ve got loads of cake sale fundraising tools to help you create the best bake sale possible. However at the heart of every bake sale it’s all about the cakes and we’ve got loads of amazing recipes to suit everyone.

Dress up or down!

Charge a pound or two for dress down Friday. Or you could dress up and make it fancy dress, with an “animal onesie day.”

Office etiquette

Set up a 24-hour office ban, write a list of funny rules with a pound or two fine. Fine anyone that forgets to make tea or collect their printing. Make sure everyone agrees before!

Charity game

Hold your own charity game, it could be football, cricket, rounders or whatever takes your fancy. Charge for entry and sell refreshments.

Car wash

Offer to wash cars in the staff car park. Get set up early, grab your sponge and bucket and ask for a donation per car.

Match giving

Does your employer offer match giving, it could mean they match what you raise pound for pound? Just ask, you could double what you raise for us.


Hold a raffle and ask for donations. You could even ask your boss to donate an extra days holiday around Christmas time. Ask work colleagues to donate that bottle of booze that’s been sitting in the cupboard for ages.

Fundraise in your lunch break

Find a quiet space and charge a fee for yoga or pilates class. A great way to maximise your spare time and round up your work colleagues.