Welfare and Neutering Assistance

Here at the RSPCA Northamptonshire Branch we are able to help in certain situations if it is an emergency and your pet is ill, or if you are seeking assistance getting your pet neutered.

As a small charity we are able to help only in emergency situations if your pet needs to be seen by the vet. In these instances we are able to offer a voucher to cover the cost of a consultation with the vet. Any further treatment or medication needs to be covered by you as the owner. Please note that we do not issue multiple vouchers to the same person and we always encourage pet insurance as a way of funding veterinary treatment.

We are very passionate about neutering and spaying pets in order to reduce the number of unwanted animals born into this world and as a preventative for medical conditions. We are able to provide a part-cost neutering voucher to members of the public who are in receipt of either Housing or Income Support benefit. If you would like to apply for a neutering assistance voucher, please download the application form and return it to us with proof of your benefits.

A neutering voucher will fund up to:

Cats – £20 for a male / £25 for a female
Dogs – £25 for a male / £30 for a female
Rabbits – £20 for a male / £25 for a female