Polish Kittens Update

Polish Kittens Update

In May, four kittens were found in Northampton on the back of a lorry having travelled 1000-miles from Poland. At just two weeks old the kittens had travelled through Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and France, before taking to the high sea (…well, the English Channel) and arriving in the UK.

After spending the night in the care of the RSPCA Northamptonshire Branch’s foster carer receiving feeds every two hours, the charity worked alongside Trading Standards and these little ones were moved into quarantine.

The kittens, named Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha and Anni-Fred after pop band ABBA, will need to be in quarantine for approximately four months in order to ensure they have had the relevant vaccinations and blood tests so they don’t bring any diseases into the UK.

Now almost four weeks into their quarantine stay, all four are going from strength to strength and coming to the end of the weening process and will soon be on solid food.

Dawn Smith, Animal Welfare Manager for the RSPCA Northamptonshire Branch said: “These little ones have had a difficult start to their lives. They are fighters, they had to be to have made it this far without their mum. Quarantine is a long process, but it’s necessary. They will be fully vaccinated (including additional vaccines such as rabies) and their blood will be checked for their rabies antibody levels. This is to ensure they are not carriers of the disease and can be released from quarantine.

“Quarantine is also very expensive, at £2500 to cover all the necessary treatment and care. This is a big cost for a small branch like ourselves. We rely on donations from members of the public in order to be able to look after animals, including these kittens. If anyone would like to donate to their quarantine care, any amount would be greatly appreciated.”

These kittens are not currently available for adoption, but will be coming back into the care of the branch when they are released from quarantine.

To donate to the care of these kittens, text ‘MEOW17’ plus the amount you wish to donate to 70070 (e.g. texting ‘MEOW17 £15’ to 70070 will donate £10 to their care). Alternatively you can donate via JustGiving.

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