Our Team

Here’s a chance for you to see the faces behind the branch, the team who work tirelessly to help animals in Northamptonshire.


Dawn has been with the branch since January 2013 and has a wealth of experience within animal welfare. She has been a veterinary nurse for over 20 years, having studied at the Royal Veterinary College.

What does your job involve on a daily basis?
I am responsible for liaising with the national RSPCA inspectors, bring in the animals from them that need our help. I also manage the welfare of all the animals in care, ensuring they receive all the veterinary treatment that is needed. I coordinate our fab team of volunteer foster carers and also work with local vets to make sure our animals receive the best treatment at a great price.

Have you ever adopted from the branch?
I have – I was a failed fosterer! I have always been more of a fan of cats, but my foster dog Toby tugged on my heart strings as he suffered from diabetes and was quite poorly. He found a special place in my heart and I realised I couldn’t let him go, so I adopted him myself! He now comes to work with me most days, where he either acts as a mini guard dog or is snoring under my desk.

Dawn can be contacted at: dawn.smith@rspca-northamptonshire.org.uk.



Julie and Michelle are the branch’s Animal Care Supervisors at our site in Brixworth.

Michelle has been with the branch since November 2014, having been an Admin Assistant prior to taking on this new role, while Julie worked at a local veterinary practice as a Veterinary Care Assistant and joined the branch in October 2016.

Julie and Michelle oversee the care of all the cats, rabbits and small animals within the Hope Cattery and on-site at Brixworth. Working together, and with the Animal Welfare Manager, they devise and put into place care plans for the animals. They recruit and manage the animal care volunteers, ensuring that they have the training needed to provide the animals with the best care.

Michelle and Julie also manage the adoptions of all the cats, rabbits and small animals within the branch. When potential adopters visit Brixworth or email with an adoptions enquiry, they are responsible for matching up the animals to their perfect homes! Once an animal has been reserved, they arrange for a home visit to take place before the adoption is completed.

Both of these lovely ladies have years of experience with the branch. You can pop in and see them (and the cats) at our Hope Cattery every day between 11am-2pm.

They can be contacted at: cattery@rspca-northamptonshire.org.uk



Stefanie has been with the branch since May 2018 as the Fundraiser & Events co-ordinator.

Her job entails raising as much money as possible through community events, public engagement, applying for grants and sponsorship as well as managing volunteers and working closely with local businesses.

Stefanie also organises local educational talks with schools and youth groups to encourage the next generation to care about animal welfare.

Stefanie can be contacted on her email fundraise@rspca-northamptonshire.org.uk



Kate is our most recent team member who joined in February 2020 and is currently the maternity cover for all of the Dog adoptions. She works with all of the dogs that come into our care, including matching them with their perfect homes until they are ready for adoption.

Kate has recently finished university and has previous experience working in dog boarding kennels.



Manager: Sam Graves
Deputy Manager: Sue Read

Manager: Michelle Dunkley

Wellingborough Road, Northampton
Manager: Shona Morrison

Duston, Northampton
Manager: Amy Winterflood

Market Square, Northampton

Relief shop team
Manager: Katie Perry
Deputy Managers: Jacqui Kemp and Sue Robinson-Smith


Chair: Carol Dudley
Treasurer: Matt Duester

Jackie Addington
Matt Topp
Christine Statham
Sharon Penfold
Jennifer Burnham
Abigail Hurrell