Fundraiser for the handsome Jake

Fundraiser for the handsome Jake


This is Jake the ginger cat that was picked up by one of the RSPCA inspectors as a stray. He was found with a severe infection to his thigh and a swollen and sore paw.

After Jake was x-rayed we could see that he had also fractured his pelvis which needs operating on as soon as his infection has cleared and there is a possibility he could lose one of his rear legs.


Our small branch in Northamptonshire will do everything for the welfare of Jake, ensuring that he is kept safe and comfortably, receives pain relief and any surgery that he needs. Once Jake is healthy and rehabilitated we can then look at finding him his forever home. He has only been in our care for a few days so we desperately need to fundraise to afford his medication and vet bills.


If you would like to contribute towards Jake and his vet bills, care and food you can do so via PayPal – just click the button below!


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