Do you have an emergency pet care plan?

Do you have an emergency pet care plan?

We’re encouraging owners to make a plan for their pet during the Coronavirus outbreak, to make sure animals get the care they need in an emergency.

We’re asking owners to fill in an emergency pet care form and display this visibly in their home to ensure that, should the worst happen, there will be someone there to care for their pet.

Make sure your pets have someone to look after them

Dr Samantha Gaines, head of the National RSPCA companion animals department, said:

‘Although no one wants to think about the worst happening, in these strange and challenging times it’s important to consider what would happen to our pets if we become ill, are hospitalised, or pass away.’

The RSPCA is urging pet owners to take steps to set up a care plan for their pet in the event that they can no longer care for them. Think about who would look after your pets and have a chat with your family, friends and neighbours to make sure they’re happy to take on this responsibility. They will also need to know where to find guidance on Coronavirus and pets so that they can keep themselves and your pet safe.

Use our emergency pet care form and poster

In order to make it easy for people to display these details, we have put together an animal care form for pet owners to fill in and display on their fridge, as well as a notice to place in your front window to let people know that pets are inside.

We hope this will provide peace of mind that your pet will be looked after if you can no longer do so.

Samantha added:

‘We know that this is a really concerning time for people and understandably pet owners may be worried about what might happen to their pet if they were to become very poorly. This is why displaying your pet care plan with the contact details of the next of kin will provide vital information about them and ensure that your pets get the care they need.’

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