Crowd Funding for Thumper

Crowd Funding for Thumper

In 2014, to escape from a house fire, Kelly jumped from my bedroom window, sustaining life changing physical injuries, which have left her disabled.

Just when Kelly was ready to give up on life, because of the mental and physical pain, her 5 month old puppy came into her life. She named him Thumper. It soon became evident that they needed, and truly understood each other. With Thumper permanently at Kellys side, she began to be less fearful of the world. ‘Just having him by my side takes away my anxiety and slowly I am beginning to rebuild my life’ – says Kelly.

Unfortunately, Kelly has been told that Thumper has hip dysplasia and now needs 2 new hips, he is just 4 years old. This has come as yet another devastating blow. Due to a loophole in his insurance, the insurance company will pay nothing towards the cost of the surgery. Kelly is appealing to friends and animal lovers alike to help her dog Thumper get the surgery he needs. Please, if this story appeals to you and you would like to donate then visit Kelly & Thumpers Just Giving page.

Thank you for reading ❤

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