Tiny and Toby

Tiny and Toby

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  • May 1, 2019
Project Description

AGE: 9 years and 10 years
BREED: Shih Tzu
COLOUR: Black and White and Tan and White
SEX: Male
COAT: Long
SIZE: Small – Medium

Tiny and Toby are two older boys who have lived most of their life together, they rely on each other for comfort, cuddles and support. Toby is particularly protective of his brother Tiny.

These boys are looking for a retirement home together where they can live out their days with lots of love. As well as relying on each other they do like people to be around and there for reassurance, they can’t be left for long periods as they will bark and howl, so we are looking for a home where they will have people around the majority of time.

They have been in a foster home with dogs, cats and older children and have been fine with all but Tiny does have a habit of chasing the cats if they are not very confident so we are asking for a home with no cats.

These boys have not reached old age without a few ailments and as a result both are on long term medication for different reasons they will need to remain on this medication and have six monthly blood tests at the vets. Tiny has also recently lost an eye so is currently adjusting to this change.

We are looking for a secure and loving home for these boys, someone who is happy to take on their medical ailments and can accept their needs and personalities. They are very loving and loyal dogs who do just want to be by your side 24/7.

All our dog viewings are by appointment only and we do ask that an application form is filled out in the first instance so that we can ensure their is a match. We will discuss medical issues of the dogs when applications are made.