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  • December 5, 2018
Project Description

AGE: 1
BREED: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
COLOUR: Brindle
SEX: Female
COAT: Short
SIZE: Small – Medium

Bella is a sweet natured dog who given the chance will give you endless amounts of love and time.  She has not been given the best start in life and as a result has an aggressive fear towards other dogs. This is something we are working with and she is making improvements but it would need to be continued in the home.

Bella is a dog that knows her commands and responds to her name, she is well behaved in the house and will settle in her bed of her own accord.  Bella can live with older understanding children but needs a home with no dogs or cats. She is very people orientated and loves human company and will wag her tail, give you licks and just loves lots of fuss. She enjoys strokes, briushing and sitting on your lap.

Bella loves playing with toys and balls and will play chase and fetch. She loves her walks and does walk very well but due to her nature with other dogs would require muzzling when out.

If given the chance Bella would make a great addition to the home, she would bring joy and happiness but in return just needs some time and understanding with her fear of dogs.