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  • December 11, 2019
Project Description

AGE: 9 months
BREED: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
COLOUR: Brown and White
SEX: Female
COAT: Short
SIZE: Medium

Peggy is a 9 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, although she is very young she does have certain behaviours that require a specific type of home. She needs a family that are willing to work with her on a daily basis and lots of socilaisation training with people and dogs.

Peggy needs a home experienced in owning dogs particularly larger breeds who can be strong to handle.  Peggy does walk well on a lead but when playing she will jump and bounce all over you with a lot of force and she needs someone to help her calm this down.  Peggy loves to play and enjoys ball games and her stuffed teddy bears.

The home that Peggy needs requires someone to be around for most of the day, she needs to build a bond and trust with her owner.  She needs to be the only dog for now until she has built her confidence with other dogs and no cats or rabbits as she loves to chase. Peggy could live with children over the age of 11 years who are familiar with dogs and can give them the space they require.

Although young Peggy is an anxious dog for her age and will bark at situations and people that frighten her but this can be worked with and once she is confident and calm her real personality shines through and she has such a lovable and kind character that everyone in kennels loves.

All viewings are by appointment only, please read the above carefully before making an application to ensure you meet the requirements.