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  • November 11, 2018
Project Description

AGE: 8

Say hello to Jess

Through no fault of her own, Jess came into rescue care in January 2018. She was transferred into our care in November 2018 and we are now the third RSPCA branch to attempt to find her a home. Fingers crossed, she will be third time lucky!

Jess is no ordinary cat, she has a Marmite personality – she either loves you or hates you! She is an independent lady who knows her own mind and no one can tell this kittie what to do! She is looking for a servant who will wait on her hand and paw to meet all of her needs. Jess will also need to be provided with a lap upon demand for as long as she requires it!

Jess loves to talk to you and can be very chatty. Being a very curious cat, she will jump down to see us and can often be found at the front of her pen waiting for visitors. She does enjoy being stroked for short periods of time but can swipe when she has had enough.

Unfortunately, Jess is not a fan of other cats and so will definitely need to be the only cat in the home. Her ideal owner will be one who is happy to let her do as she pleases and one who lives in an area with few cats living nearby.

All things aside, we believe in the right home Jess will flourish. She needs time to settle into a routine and build a trusting relationship with her new owner.

Jess is 8 years old and in good health. She can be viewed at our Hope Cattery in Brixworth every day between 11am – 2pm except Wednesdays.

If you think that you can be Queen Jess’ forever servant, please, please, PLEASE complete our application form;