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  • August 27, 2019
Project Description

AGE: 2 years
BREED: French Bulldog
COLOUR: Brindle
SEX: Male
COAT: Short
SIZE: Small

Beanie is a small dog with a big personality and he is looking for a home that can give him lots of time, including training, socialisation and playtime.  He is always on the go and will need a family who is willing to deal with a bundle of energy.

Unfortunately Beanie does not like being left and needs someone who is around the majority of time until he has learnt that he is okay on his own.  When left he will be very vocal and this is something that will need to be considered. He will also need work on his basic training needs particularly on lead walking.

He will play for hours in the garden, chase balls and will run around continually but he likes a human companion to do this with so will need someone who can keep up with him. Beanie can go to a home with older children over the age of eleven. Beanie loves people and will do his best to get your attention and be in every room that you are.

Beanie is not good around other dogs and does need some work on his socialisation.  We would recommend that this is also an area that is worked on with him whilst he is young. He is also very interested in cats so at this time would recommend that he does not go to a home with another cat.

If you would like to discuss Beanie in more detail then please complete one of our application forms and someone will be in touch.  We work on a best match process and only allow viewings on applications that have been short listed.